Design Approach

I am different to other Designers and Stylists, in the sense that I do not follow any fashion trends. I make my own trend and encourage self-expression. We are all created as materpieces. My designs are original and unique. The way I create is based on what I feel resonates with me at the time. Although if its your style, there's nothing wrong with following a trend to your liking.

I see fashion design as an art piece, not just a garment to be worn. Everything I design is consciously created with careful thought and envision in mind. Together with product design, I will always strive to produce a product that gives meaning and has value. I am quite diverse in my approach to design as I combine art with fashion and product development to enrich people's lives.

You all choose what you wear, how you design your home and what products you use in everyday life. You are the ones who have the freedom to choose. I create to inspire you to use your divine creativity and let your inner artist shine. I believe you can accomplish anything you focus your mind on. It can be absolutely anything.

Graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design and Technology, my design atheistic involves combining various elements, in harmonious ways to create ready to wear contemporary designs and art. With an attention for detail, I work well with proportions and enjoy using advanced tailoring techniques and embellishments within my design style.

Developing my work to high quality standards is of extreme importance to me, by using quality materials for my artwork and products, luxurious fashion fabrics and combining it with the best tailoring practices when I construct my garments. Making comfortable, functional fashion is essential to ensure the best fit and most flattering form.

I am big believer in slow fashion, alongside fair, sustainable and ethical fashion practices, to achieve a better future and working environment within the industry.

Everything has a story. In addition, I enjoy short video making, model, event management and creative direction in styling my work to showcase fashion videos and photography. Art and prints are also incorporated within my skills to create beautiful designs and artwork. I was lucky enough to have all this incorporated within my qualification studies.

Additionally, Photography has been a passion of mine studied in middle school which has continued all throughout my life. When I do take photos, I enjoy capturing the beauty of the moment and playing with angles and composition to create visually interesting photographs.

I do however, collaborate with other creative artists to produce the exact look I've envisioned. I am very grateful to work with other various talented people. We all work together to create beautiful artwork. It is a collective creation.

My technique for Styling is very versatile, artistic and creative. I would describe my styling as Fashion Forwad and Contemporary. My motto:

"I can make anything work and I love to surprise people!"

As an artist, I feel its really important to respect each others work and intellectual property. We all draw inspiration from each other, so I encourage you, to use the power within you and spark your own unique creativity to add to the world. Everybody is born with this gift. We are all skilled at different things in life. So apply your skills and your talents. It can be absolutely anything.

“Enrichen this world with you!"

I love multiculturalism and being ethnically inclusive. During middle school, every year, one day was delicated to multicultural day. On this day, all the cultural groups would get together and perform a show with a musical dance in thier traddional dress, combined with food of thier cultute. I absoluetly loved these days. That is why I enjoy working with diverse nationalities and include people of all genders, all ages, women, men, social groups and ethnic cultures to showcase my collections. I want to empower people. Every being deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. As each brings their own unique quality to life.

You will also notice I like to add my own authentic quotes.

I hope you enjoy my work.

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The Bachelor of Design, Fashion Design - Whitehouse Institute of Design.

Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Technology - RMIT University.

A teacher’s job is extremely important. Through them we learn and we grow. A huge
shout out of thanks to all the great teachers everywhere.